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Apostle Anthony Revis

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Anthony Revis Ministries (ARM)

ARM  is the Bible College, Pastoral Training, Licensing, Publishing, and Missionary effort of Dr. Anthony Revis, Founder. ARM operates globally.

Faith Ministries Church

Faith Ministries Church is the original 1990 church plant of Dr. Anthony Revis. He is Senior Pastor and  Dr. Linda J. Kemp Revis is Pastor.


Father's ARM Covenant Partners

Dr. Anthony Revis is Apostle over a network of churches, ministry groups, and independent ministers who voluntarily associate with him.

ABOUT Apostle Revis

Sound Bible Teaching

Apostle Anthony Revis has pastored for over 25 years. Invite him to minister. Click YouTube below. Order bible lessons.

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Illustrated Messages

Apostle Anthony Revis has given over 1500 adult and children illustrated messages that inspire change. Book him.


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Apostle Anthony Revis wants to encourage your life! Post his inspirational quotes  on your social media pages.


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Apostle Anthony Revis

3420 East Ashman Street, Midland, MI, USA 48642

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